Saturday, 6 November 2010


And so Hollywood, or more rightly the movie media, continue to label things as "...the next (insert last big film hit here)..." and so here we have "the next The Hangover..."

Go-to-guy for comedy since his stellar hit The Hangover Todd Phillips, returns with what can only be described as an edgy modern take on a classic comedy - Planes, Trains & Automobiles. Robert Downey Jr takes the "straight man under pressure" role played by Steve Martin against the force of nature Zach Galifanakas once inhabited by the late John Candy.

Now, depending on why you sit down to watch it will determine your overall feeling of whether it was worth it. This is no the Hangover - not by a long shot. The characters are thrown together through circumstance and thats exactly how it comes across - abit far-fetched and sometimes forced, but thankfully there is enough comedy to gloss over that fact. Especially when the script calls for gross-out gags rather than just plain laugh-out-loud humour. Now, if you're watching it because you know of the Martin/Candy classic and you wanna see if there is such a thing as a good remake/rip-off, then you'll find yourself reminiscing about it throughout Due Date's running time.

Like your worst fear, most of the best bits have been cobbled together for the trailer but there are still laughs to be had - a masturbating dog and its owner in particular are stand-out - but there are some mis-fires and unusual plot sequences that just don't seem to sit well with the story (a visit to a friend's house and the question of infidelity are levered in then promptly dismissed).

Downey Jr. though is still a sight for sore eyes and a great actor and delivers despite having to play the snooty ass that learns to relax alittle and quirky Galifanakis doesn't work as well as he did in his breakout part in The Hangover with only one person to bounce off of but this is still better placed for your time, commitment and money rather than previous comedy outings - The other Guys, Dinner For Schmucks etc.

UK release date: 05/11/10
Certificate: 15

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  1. Couldn't agree more, I hadn't seen the trailer so I caught the comedy 1st hand, I really enjoyed this film. The first 10 mins were a little predictable but had to be I suppose but as soon as the road trip started it came into its own, the scene with the masturbating dog made me laugh out loud..!! it was good bit if light relief after an annoying day!!