Monday, 20 December 2010


And so it came to pass that "The House Of Mouse" took the request of a revisit to its much misunderstood film from 1982 and grant it a sequel. And lo, the decision was... good. Yes, you read that right, good.

This will of course depend alot on various matters, but chiefly on whether you've seen the original ground breaking but none-the-less audience splitting film nearly 20 years ago. Those of you that did will view this new chapter in a more positive light than those making their virginal steps into the grid.

A classic case of style over substance, TRON, unlike its same age brothers BLADE RUNNER and E.T., has not aged well and there lies part of the charm of LEGACY - visually and narratively, it stands head and shoulders above its roots. A son struggling for the approval of his work-driven father may not be a new storyline for audiences, but a familiar feel is the necessary guide for them as director Joseph Kosinski lets loose with a cyber city that seems to be only hindered by imagination and how tight all the outfits can be before they need to apply for an 18 certificate!

And strangely, that is part of the negative vibe directed towards TRON: Legacy - for once they continue to layer the plot to make it acceptable and believable when really all you crave for is more eye-popping battles on the gaming grid. Yes, there is not enough Light Cycles to quench the desire that the trailer created all those months ago. More action and less interaction is the cry from the auditorium seats.

Bridges has a ball playing/revisiting what seems to be his 2 greatest creations - Flynn now a near perfect (except for the mouth) CGI-rendered Clu made in his circa 1985 image, and believe it or not, The Dude himself (Lewboski) as Flynn now full of laid-back wonder and "whoa's."

Viewed in Imax 3D, it is a seamless delight where the sound (Daft Punk's score evokes Batman Begins memories) and the vision (Star Wars' A New Hope Millennium Falcon out running TIE Fighters gets HUGE nod) meld together to form a great way to see the year out cinema-wise and get the taste buds going for the rumoured parts 2 and 3. Let the games begin indeed.

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  1. As I'm not so young I must see this film.
    I must admit I did enjoy the first one :)