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Now with the clarity that can only come from people having to get ready to go back to work and having detoxed from alcohol after New Year's celebrations, it's the perfect time to look back upon the year that was 2010 (the year we should have made contact according to Arthur C. Clarke and the sorely missed Roy Schiender) and let the movie output be judged....

BEST FILMS OF 2010 - 10 thru to 6

10. THE HOLE in 3D
The man who gave us "Gremlins" and "Piranha" returned with an absolute joy of a film that felt like it had been made in the 80's but incorporated modern technology to bring to life the gateway to hell kept un-conveniently in the basement of a house that a new family have moved into.

With a perfect use of 3D - depth of field rather than objects flying into camera -
Joe Dante made shadows all-the-more unsettling and racked up the tension as The Hole starts to unleash its horrors upon the 3 kid heroes, who, for once, were all great and not annoying! A rare treat nowadays.

Even without 3D, "The Hole" will still deliver the goods, unsettling adults more than their younger wards with its watch-thru-fingers moments.

Based on a story that one of the fore-founders of comedy wrote and decided not to make as it was far too personal, Sylvian Chomet takes Jacques Tati's tale of a dying breed of entertainer trying to compete with boy bands and brings stunning visuals of Paris and Edinburgh to life like he did with his "Belleville Rendez-Vous."

Showing that animation is still necessary in the world of story telling and not just for children's movies, the eventual realisation that the old-school magician cannot live up to the rose-tinted glasses expectations of his young female fan is heart breaking as her wide eyes turn from him towards the excitement of first love.

Drenched in beauty and kooky characters, it speaks volumes without hardly saying a word - now that's magic!

Another French film shock where the country renowned for love hands in a flawless romantic comedy where such things as subtitles and language
barriers cannot hold back its charm offensive.

Telling the well-worn tale of the guy that falls in love with the girl that he shouldn't, the humour and delivery of it's quick witted dialogue takes it above previous efforts in the genre.

Even if you know how it's going to end, the journey that takes in the sights of Monte Carlo and Paris and the BEST "Dirty Dancing" sequence ever put to celluloid since the original, is a truly surprising delight that never fails to make you smirk, smile and, yes, even sigh. Try it, love it and have the time of your life!

The film that was, apparently, made for Clooney to play, tells the tale of a man who is very good at his job but lets it get in the way of his life and any
possible connections he could make - and not of the airport/flight variety.

Jason Reitman's follow-up to "Juno" is a wake-up call to a world that places far too much emphasis on what you do rather than who you are and touches on the fragility on those jobs that hold people down.

Don't get the wrong idea - this is a delight with faster-and sharper-than-bullets dialogue from the master Clooney who has a female match in Vera Farmiga with truly laugh-out-loud moments ALL the way through. If it don't speak to you, leave the terminal..now!

Chris Morris, as the papers would have you believe, courted danger yet again, this time with his tale of four inept suicide bombers trying to attack the London marathon.

If they had watched it first before attacking it (like his TV's Brass Eye) then they would have seen him do, what would appear on paper, as the impossible - make you care about characters that you shouldn't.

As the story riotously makes it's way to the marathon via the training camps of Pakistan, Morris wisely doesn't dwell on why they would be driven to do such an act but focus on the fact that none of them haven't the faintest of how to do it. One of them believes that martyrdom is comparable to Rubber Dinghy Rapids at Alton Towers! Bloody funny from start to finish!

5 thru to 1 to follow.....

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