Sunday, 6 March 2011


Philip K. Dick has been a source for film ideas for sometime now, and not all that successful. For every interpretation of "Do Androids Dream Of Electronic Sheep" ("Blade Runner") there's been a "Paycheck" (same title) and "The Golden Man" ("Next.")

Now his short "Adjustment Team" arrives and thankfully it sits comfortably in the same league as "Total Recall" and "Minority Report" - as in worthy of your attention. It won't have the staying power of those, but it will not be a waste of time or money.

This is down to several factors - the most important being chemistry and pacing. Damon and Blunt don't have alot of meaningful scenes together before the running and chasing begins, but when they do, it's believable and plausible . Their second chance interaction on a bus gives a perfect example of what the tabloids normally start buzzing about - onscreen chemistry - along the lines of Jolie and Pitt's genuine type seen in "Mr & Mrs Smith." These two falling in love is utterly charming and compelling, so much so that it helps you root for the out-manned couple throughout their adjustment ordeal.

Having seemed to have learnt from his writing stint on "Bourne" first time director Nolfi keeps the pace up constantly yet still manages to ramp it up for the door-dodging-dizziness of the final 20 minutes. Alot is left unexplained but briefly touched on enough to let you draw your own conclusions as to who or what the men in hats are who have Damon and Blunt's lives mapped out in shocking detail. There's talk of "the plan" belonging to "The Chairman" who goes by many names and that the Bureau men have been called angels, but no definitive answers are given. We are very much in the dark along with the couple.

Not exactly sci-fi, more romance-with-unexplainable obstacles, "The Adjustment Bureau" is a rare beast where you want the couple to be together because they deserve it, no matter what "the man" says.

UK release date: 04/03/11
Certificate: 12A

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  1. Great film but did u notice the Red Dress was absent!!