Sunday, 17 July 2011


There's always that worry that a trailer is the best parts of a new movie shoved into a 3 minute sequence leaving a whole pile of steaming" waste-of-time" filling out the other 115-odd minutes for you to watch. This mostly happens with sci-fi epics and comedies.

But then most of the "funny" movies don't have a director who's cut his teeth on such noteworthy delights as TV's Modern Family, Community and the US version of The Office. Gordon it would seem, knows how to do laughs, big, small, childish and dangerous.

Essentially, what you have is an ensemble piece where 6 main actors get their fair share under the spotlight and not only each bring laughs with them, but they then bring a whole type of different giggles on the screen when their paths cross each others.

It's been long said that it's the villain that has the most fun in their role (especially since Nicholson's Joker back in 1989) and here the evidence is insurmountable! Spacey, Farrell and Aniston, all pretty much playing against type, are the bar that has to be beaten from now on when it comes to scumbags on screen. Each viewer will have their fave" hater" (mine is Spacey for his role of absolute "off-the-chart" office bastard) but whether it's Aniston's sexy sexual predator, Farrell's nearly unrecognisable cocaine-head lazy boss's son or Spacey's manipulative aggressive office boss, there's something for everybody.

Out of the 6 main characters only 1 slightly rubs (not bad odds) up the wrong way and that's Charlie Day's dental hygienist who has to put up with his Aniston. Out of the 3 "heroes" his high-pitched voice and over-exuberance at everything can wear thin. However, he does get one of the biggest laughs with his cocaine-fuelled rendition of The Ting Tings "That's Not My Name."

With jokes for all folks, Horrible Bosses is a rarity where you won't feel let down from the trailer - there's so much more to see ranging from cats (jump-out-of-your-seat), defiling toothbrushes (cringey), the use of Jamie Foxx's characters first name ("Mutha...."), middle-aged white guys thinking that they're down with it (dangerously foolish) and the ultimate satnav from India ("Gregory").

All bosses should pay for their staff to go see this to help remind them that, compared to the ones on screen, they're not that bad! Mostly! Hugely enjoyable.

UK release date: 22.07.11
Certificate: 15


  1. Funniest film I have seen in ages, just what the Dr ordered.. Great review as always

  2. I know I'm a bit late seeing this movie, but watched it on BluRay last night abd thought it was excellent..... Loved it.