Thursday, 3 January 2013

TOP 20.1/2 FILMS YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THIS YEAR - 20 1/2 through to 16

Now with the clarity that can only come from people having to get ready to go back to work and having detoxed from alcohol after New Year's celebrations, it's the perfect time to look back upon the year that was 2012 and the films that graced our screens...

BEST 20.1/2 FILMS OF 2012 - 20 1/2 thru to 16

20 1/2. This Means War
Just before they hit BIG TIME, the new Captain Kirk and Batman's new enemy Bane, teamed up in this light, frothy but none-the-less hilarious spy spoof that pitted both against each other when they fall for Witherspoon's indecisive blond.

Great chemistry between the three helped for the audience to continuously change who they were rooting for throughout the misuse of America's Government Agencies as each guy tried to outdo the other.

20. Warhorse

Spielberg once again proved that there wasn't anything he couldn't turn his hand to - even a stage play that once seen, invokes an air of certainty that the same feelings felt whilst watching it could not be transferred onto the silver screen. They were wrong.

Emotionally strong, visually stunning, his depiction of a boys and a horses struggle to survive a World War is a breath taking experience.

19.Moonrise Kingdom
From the usually strange mind of Wes Anderson, this tale of young love and the unusual situations it has to endure is pure gold right from the get go. More accessible than his previous films, Moonrise Kingdom is part sweet, part absurd and part kooky.

The big stars all play second fiddle to the children actors who steal the show despite Edward Norton's best role in ages as the Scout Leader caught up in a young lovers pact to be together.

18. Ted
For those who either loved or hated TV's Family Guy, its creators first foray into film - Seth MacFarlane - had a strong gut reaction to its announcement and its premise - a teddy bear that comes to life but still exists when its owner grows up.

Surprisingly touching and able to bring a few tears to the eyes, Ted was laugh out loud funny throughout with its humour and language both close to the bone. You wouldn't expect nor want anything less though.

17. The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists

The team that brought us Wallace & Gromit, Chicken Run and Flushed Away are simply put - geniuses. This does not alter that fact in any shape or form! Brilliantly balanced for both old and young alike, its depiction of luxurious beards roaming and plundering the high seas is a delight from absurd beginning to fantastic finale.


16. The Muppets
A film about AND starring The Muppets hadn't been around for a long time. This fact is cleverly played upon with them trying to regain their waning popularity in order to raise money to save their old theatre. The human cast are fantastic - Segal and Adams are wonderful as the couple who seem stuck permanently in the 1940's - but lets be honest, as good as they are, its The Muppets you've paid to see and with such gags as Fozzie's Fart Shoes, they did not disappoint!

The countdown will continue with 15 through to 11.... What have you seen and what do you think should be included?

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