Thursday, 3 January 2013

TOP 20.1/2 FILMS YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THIS YEAR - 15 through to 11

And so here continues the countdown of my top films of the year...

15. Headhunters

If you didn't get to see the little film that had big ideas and a nail-biting plot, then see the original before the inevitable Hollywood remake. Clever and damn funny, it proved that good actors and not A-list stars can keep an audience enthralled hook, line and sinker.

Slickly cool, if only short (watch it and you'll understand!)

14. The Descendants
Is there nothing that the Clooney cannot do? Yet again, him off of E.R. proves that he is not only bankable but dependable in this quiet tale of a husband having to reconnect with his family after his wife slips into a coma. Heart strings are deliberately pulled but in such a way that you don't care - you only care about the people up on the screen.... and that's quality film making.

13. Beasts Of The Southern Wild

Despite looking like a documentary, Beasts Of The Southern Wild wasn't. This little film that stood head and shoulders against all the action and adventure faire at the cinemas - a feat not unlike its central character. If you failed to fall in love with the little girl who lives with her daddy in The Bathtub during a massive flood, then go see your local mortician!

12. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
The expectation for Peter Jackson's return to The Shire was hard to quantify - it had been so long coming that there could be a fear that the film wouldn't stand a chance of living up to the hype. Nonsense dear boy! The wizard wasn't late - he arrived in our cinemas att exactly the time he wished to and blew all out doubts away! So, fly you doubters!

11. The Hunger Games
Who would have thought that a book aimed at young girls could be turned into a successful film? Yes, Twilight did that. However, The Hunger Games proved to pull off an even more impressive trick... boys liked it too!

With something for everyone, the box office receipts led the way to the second and third books being green lit into films as well. Katniss and Peter's story will continue, and the world will be watching!

So, onto the next batch....

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