Friday, 1 April 2011


You can tell that Summer is now on its way as the action blockbusters start to rear their heads and make their appearances. Get ready for one of the more unusual ones....

Jones, whose first movie was the brilliant "Moon" has increased his cast, his pace and his budget and has delivered a movie that combines two of the most unlikely film premises of "The Terminator" and "Groundhog Day" into a short, sweet, tight and terrific action thriller.

Unafraid to demand more from his viewers, Jones throws the audience straight into the story of Gyllenhaal's soldier who is continuously transported back into the body of a passenger on a train that is due to be blown up by a bomb. Each time he has 8 minutes to discover the identity of the bomber before he is thrown back into a military "container" where he has to report back his progress - or lack of it - to Farmiga's human face of the military. As he tries to achieve his mission objective, Gyllenghaal begins to question what is happening to him and starts to warm to Monaghan's love interest passenger.

With a relatively short running time of 93 minutes, the jump back ala "Groundhog Day" doesn't run the risk of repetitiveness with only 9 very different and forward plot-moving jumps displayed on the screen. The "who dunnit" aspect of the story can be resolved quite easily during the first few jump backs if you keep keep your eyes open, but that doesn't stop them throwing as many red herrings as possible to help keep the suspense up throughout.

A well-thought out plot with action and thriller aspects expertly woven in, "Source Code" is a rare treat for those who see it - an engaging blockbuster that doesn't dumb down to it's audience and visually surprises you with each segment. See it. Then go and argue the ending with your friends just like you did with "The Terminator"!

UK release date: 01.04.11

Certificate: 12A

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