Sunday, 17 April 2011


In a decade where remakes, re-imagining and re-hashes are the norm, isn't a pleasant change when homages, or, if done very badly, rip-offs, are presented to the popcorn pundits? Well, that isn't always strictly true...

As time invariably marches on, audiences tolerances towards such things as vulgarity, violence and nudity have become more casual and dare we say, more demanding. An imitation nowadays needs to up-the-ante to even compete in the multiplex's busy schedule to stand a chance and register on the cinema visitors radar.

This "modernising up" technically should work, unless you forget what made your inspiration so special in the first place that is... Regardless of the various films you can name during it's running time, "Your Highness" owes alot to the cult classic "The Princess Bride" - a charming, delightfully ridiculous and straight-laced but tongue-in-cheek fairy tale movie. Writer, producer and star McBride puts the modern elements into play - in-yer-face violence (stabbing in the heart is bloodily visible), degrees of nudity (Portman's - or her bum doubles - buttocks are engagingly visible), state of the art CGI and a slew of f*ck's, sh*t's and other words are peppered throughout but all these overpower the simplicity of the story and engulf it in a sea of OTT and a sense of over-forced humour. At times it feels like the kid you knew back at school who was OK but always tried too hard to be liked by everyone.*

At parts crude-ishly funny and just plain silly, "Your Highness" should have worked but invariably its sum parts do not add up to a good, let alone perfect, whole. A classic this won't be "as you wish" it would have been... Shame.

UK release date: 13.04.11
Certificate: 15

* Don't even think of saying me!

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