Sunday, 10 April 2011

"WHAT ARE YOU?..." "I'M...."

"Life is like a box of chocolates..." "Quite frankly my dear, I don't give a damn." "Don't you just hate those uncomfortable silences?" "Get away from her you bitch!"

The art that is movie can either reflect, harmonise or too some, plagiarise their lives. Like a song at the right time during your life, the lyrics can speak volumes and feel like that they're aimed directly at you. And so with the wonder that is in the celluloid form. A film can either transport you away from the mundane or the situation that you feel incapable of dealing with in your life at that moment, or it can remind you of what you were and all that you thought you could be when you saw it.

So, as a fun challenge, what explains you? What film summarises you? What character or actor is best suited to match the legacy that is your life? What is the soundtrack to your "up's and down's?" And what is your favorite movie scene and....why??? If you feel like throwing out there, list the answers to the following questions and see what others make of it.

I will go first to get the ball rolling and let you all try and decipher what it all means and then read with a raised eyebrow the replies...

"Die Hard." I feel constantly like I'm the wrong guy in the wrong place at the right time. The odds are against me (12 -1) but I seem to be stupid enough to ignore those odds and carry on regardless.

John Cusack. The king of misunderstood. He tries to do his best but screws it up royally. See "Say Anything" "High Fidelity" and "The Sure Thing" as prime examples...

"The Promise" - Michael Nyman/The Piano, "The Raiders March" - John Williams/Raiders Of The Lost Ark.
It's a toss up between the two as Nyman's wonderful tune has always helped me to relax, clear my mind and focus on what needs to be done while evoking stirring images within and Williams' who never fails to nail it on the head - everytime anyone hears the Indiana Jones tune they just wanna step up and be the reluctant hero. That's me - everytime!

This is a hard one because can one movie scene explain yourself away? And what particular scene as it could depend on the mood you're in... So, it would have to be for me the scene that cemented my love for the beautiful mystery that is the Great White Shark... Roy Schiender stops shovelling the "shit" that is chump, lets his cigarette hang from his lips and informs Robert Shaw whilst backing away from the stern of the Orca, that he and all concerned aboard are "gonna need a bigger boat.." A genius understatement and a profound one at that!

Dare you think about your replies and post them? All interpretations on mine are welcome - kinda!


  1. Film - Bridget Jones Diary, as someone reminded me I'm a terrible drunk, bad dancer ( but I can cook ). I meet plenty of Hugh Grants but can't seem to find my Mr Darcy.

    Who - Kim Cattrell, she can carry off the shoes thing and she's a saucy minx

    Song - no idea

    Fav Scene - Because I'm a hopeless romantic it's betwee final scene from Jerry Maguire.. " You had me at hello".. ahhhh or being whisked up into Richard Gere's arms in the white uniform at the end of 'Officer and a Gentleman'.. more swooning!!!

    Feel free to mock Murphy..

  2. 1.) My life - well, I'd like to say Enchanted, but more like The Matrix - just tell me I'm gonna wake up soon?

    2.) Who'd play me - she's gotta be a red head right? Errrr, Amy Adams (always the princess), no, second thoughts, Kate Winslet. She's from my part of the world, buxom, ballsy, my kinda gal!

    3.) Movie Song - Adele, Someone Like You - story of my life. Or does it have to be from a movie? Annie Lennox, Waiting in Vain...

    4.) Favourite Scene - So many to chose from...
    'Look into those eyes, those big pretty eyes, and tell me...'
    'Is it raining? I hadn't noticed...'
    Or the scene in Love Actually, where Emma Watson realises the necklace was for someone else and excuses herself, then struggles to hold it together while she makes the bed, then sucks it all up...

    As indecisive as ever, sure it will irritate the hell out of ya! xx