Wednesday, 2 February 2011


The world of documentaries has become more and more of a revelation. Some try to change the world whilst others want to turn it on it's head.

Then one comes along that will resonate with alot of people... if they see it. Who hasn't had or heard of someone who's been duped by a stranger on a social network? Following the seeds of a possible romance, "Catfish" shows what happens when 2 film maker friends turn their camera's on one of their brothers who's being drawn into a family halfway across the States via Facebook and mobiles.

The 3 guys who lead the documentary start off as young and slightly childish - over questioning each other; ignoring what the other says - but by the end of their "journey" the realisation of what has happened, and more importantly why, brings with it maturity for them and respect towards them.

It's hard to explain about the film without giving away the ending but it's worth the trip. Audiences weened on Hollywood movies will no doubt expect some terrible dark secret revealed with a splash of violence and loads of drama thrown in but this isn't a blockbuster. It's a documentary. Admittedly, the 3 do set things up so as to heighten the tension - a night time visit to a property that they keep calling "creepy" - but it's a truly emotional reason that leads them to take the 370+ miles to confront their fake family.

Brave and bold, "Catfish" shines a light on how the various social networks can connect people and what some are willing to do to make that connection to help them cope with their lives. I originally dubbed this as "The Anti-Social Network" but that would be doing it a dis-service having now seen it. You should do the same.

UK release date: 17/12/10
Certificate: 15
UK DVD release date: now

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  1. Finally watched this a few weeks tend to enjoy docutype films and this was no exception, surprised that the mystery lady did the whole interview thing at the end....Some very strange people in this world lol!