Wednesday, 23 February 2011


According to any trade magazine, every Hollywood studio is looking for the new "Harry Potter" or "Twilight" or such... Well, here is the newest hopeful franchise entry...

After a few successful novels, the world of teenage angst is yet again brought to the screen, but now riddled with huge complications that even the likes of Dawson's Creek couldn't handle! The question of whether the cute young thing on the table opposite from me in class likes me or not is dragged screaming and kicking into "brooding" territory with an alien element rather than "Twilight's" vampirec roots.

But, thankfully, the story is told from the non-human point of view rather than the slant that "Twilight" took with the human full of heart-breaking desires and alienation issues. Here, desire and danger are displayed verbally and physically - the last quarter of the film delivering action that will satisfy even the most hardened geezer after sitting through all the lovey-dovey stuff... Before that kicks in though, you will have to put up with a surprising element that director Caruso has allowed in his film- the distinctly American TV teen soap practise of telling us how we should feel as viewers by using emotional songs to hit home the message of anguish or whatever the protagonists are feeling at that moment. It's a cheap tactic at best and makes it feel like a TV pilot rather than a possible silver screen franchise when it occurs.

Pettyfer, who last tried the young Bond franchise of "Storm Rider" to no avail, rests comfortably with the weight of the film upon his shoulders whilst "Glee's" Agron switches easily between eye-candy and plot motivation at the drop of a photograph. From it's opening scene involving a jungle hunt-and-kill scene, to it's football stadium-wrecking finale, all is presented with enough levels of fun, fantasy and seriousness to leave anyone viewing it with at least minimum a smile on their faces. What they should also leave with is a strong desire to see the return of the surviving characters as, whilst not as good or strong as "X-Men," it makes enough of a mark to have you wanting to see the continuing exploits of them in a sequel.

The last point to make about the film is that it is available to view in the IMAX format. Having watched it that way, don't worry that you might be missing out if you're not near an IMAX-equipped cinema as really there's no "The Dark Knight" or "300" spectacle to see.

And for those of you still unconvinced, please note that "I Am Number Four" has undoubtedly one THE cutest cinematic dogs in a long time - the stray beagle is a diamond performance and needs his own spin-off story on the DVD release, ala Pixar, when it appears. Make it happen!

UK release date: 23/02/11
Certificate: 12A

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  1. Nice review of a "nice" film, heighten perhaps by it being seen in the IMAX format.... Can't wait for "I am Number Four and a half" release staring the beagle in the main role....