Sunday, 13 February 2011


The Coen Brothers return once again but this time there's no original material from them - they're taking on a treasured classic.

Going back to the source - Charles Portis' popular novel - The Brothers have scripted the screenplay and brought their camera's upon "The Western" that it seems they've been been dying to do. From their modern attempt ("No Country For Old Men") to their various versions of good gunslingers ("Blood Simple") they have been forging connections to bring a modern masterpiece to the screen.

Some of their best collaborative actors return to do a combination of strong and out-standing performances - Brolin is good and solid as the cause of events for the film and Bridges knocks it out of the park where he not only matches his tour-de-force of The Dude, but dare I say it, also matches The Duke who won the Oscar for his interpretation of the drunk, grizzled Marshall in 1969. His gruff delivery of wisdom is finely balanced with deliciously devilish quips - "I do not know this man" throughout the running time and lavish vistas.

The outstanding surprise though is Hailee Steinfeld. As the old-before-her-time 14 year old who hires Bridges to avenge her father's death, she literally bends the camera towards her every time she appears on screen. At times it feels that Damon and Bridges have to fight to be seen when she gets to do her thing - a relentless barrage of stubbornness and determination that sees her swing between mother and boss.

For those who have resisted the films of The Coen Brothers due to their quirkiness and idiosyncrasies, this is the perfect vehicle to get onboard. One of their most mainstream movies, it still has enough of them in it for fans and followers of their work to still recognise their stamp on it. Beautifully shot, fiercely acted, wonderfully scripted and delightfully entertaining, "True Grit" is a True Movie. Go see it. Now.

UK release date: 11/02/11
Certificate: 15

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  1. Hailee was amazing and was secretly hoping she would have won the BAFTA last night. Never been a Coen fan to date but this may just have converted me..