Sunday, 20 February 2011


Is there nothing that Hollywood won't try and dazzle with the spectacle of 3D nowadays? Underwater caves; non-super heroes; flesh-eating fish.... escaped from Hell revenge-mongers???

There are movies that come along once-in-a-while that are so Marmite-flavoured, that they can fuel endless pub discussions or arguments. Cage's latest is such a film with it falling into the "love it" or "hate it" category very dependent on what frame of mind you're in when you sit down to experience it.

What we have here is a welcome anomaly - Cage's hair, or lack of it, is not the talking point throughout the short but delirious running time. Instead it's the "fit on the back of a matchbox" story that covers up plot-holes or non-existent characterisation with insane dialogue or increasingly OTT stunts and deaths. Cage, who has recently not faired well with his movie choices (apart from his "Bad Lieutenant" where he was un-reined and gave a glimpse of the old crazy dude that made him famous) suits the role of a escapee from Hell to avenge his daughter's murder and save his grandchild from Satanic sacrifice. Yep, that's the plot!

He brings the intense stares and anguish whilst Heard, breaking away from slasher victim roles, delivers the sass, the incredible looks and a fair share of comedic timing alongside him. The highlight of the film rests squarely with William Fitchner. As The Devil's right hand man, known simply as The Accountant, Fitchner has a blast playing one of the best villain / adversary in recent history. From his graceful profanity through to his stepping out of a moving tanker truck onto a stationary car, his presence on screen lifts the fun factor ten-fold, especially if anyone gets in his way.

The only down point in the film is it's title and the expectations that come with it - there's no angry driving or exciting car chases. When a film has an RV out-run and out-manoeuvre a Dodge Charger, you know that there's something wrong somewhere. Luckily there is enough sh*t going on to make up for that... more than enough!

This is a Friday nite flick that, if watched with friends, won't let you down. Hell yeah!

UK release date: 25/02/11
Certificate: 18


  1. Who would have thought that she would only achieve a 1.50 in driving the reasonably priced car... what a disappointment from such a cool chick!!

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